The company started  in the Summer of 2011. Christina, the owner, worked at a medical billing company and was laid off due to the economy's decline in the fall of 2010. The small business she was working for was making necessary cuts to stay afloat. Right before her lay off, she just found out that her Father in Law  was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, so she made a choice to take a sabbatical to help care for Mr. Oscar Hasegawa Sr. instead of looking for work right away. It was a choice she does not regret as her father in law passed just 4 months after his diagnosis. This was their families first experience of death of a close relative that they loved dearly. They are a tightly knit family.

The passing of Oscar Sr. rocked the family and they were struck with grief.  Christina took time healing and reflected deeply about her life, and about all the events that took place so suddenly. She decided it was time to change her career and do something that is meaningful in a way that would help people and would give her a flexible schedule to spend more quality time with her family as well as make an honest living. Entrepreneurship was something she always dreamed of, and stimulating the economy by creating jobs in the recession was a goal,  so she made a list of things she could do and was good at. 

After lots of research she decided to get into the cleaning industry, and with hard work she created her first start up company. JACS was born 7.11.11 and officially launched in September of 2011 after their move to the East Bay Area from Monterey Bay. Christina's husband Oscar joined JACS after he resigned from the News Station KSBW-TV to join his wife and the family business. She asked him if he was sure, because it was only but a goal and and a dream at the time. He said he was sure! LOL He has been so supportive and works extremely hard to help grow the business and operate it. Without his support this would not have been possible.

Oscar and Christina have been together since Dec 2003. They have two daughters Jeweleah & Alijah, which is where the initials J & A come from, and 2 corgi doges, Damian & Seffie. The Hasegawa Family loves to spend their free enjoying life with their family and friends.  They have been supportive in the community hosting fundraisers for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland, to collecting food donations for the Alameda County Community Food Bank during Summer and holidays, or helping the City of Hayward in the Annual Hayward Cleanup as well as adopting families with FESCO. They have a passion to help people in anyway they can when they can. 

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